Tomb Raider Sketching

If you would like to see your Lara sketches on this site, let it be! Draw a picture of Lara or another aspect of the Tomb Raider games and send it to me at [email protected] and i'll post it on the Sketches gallery for other guests to view. So don't just sit there, pull out the pencilcase and start drawing. For further details or questions needed answering contact via email or guestbook.

New Look Lara 2010!

What do you want Lara to look like in the next Tomb Raider game? Get your artistic cap on an start drawing your interpretation of the next Lara and then email me a photocopy or photograph of your picture. All pictures sent in will be posted up on the main page for a few months and then transported to the Tomb Raider Gallery.

Previous Tomb Raider Polls

Did you miss a poll on the main page now your really regret it, not to worry! You can take it again and even previous ones before that so please follow the link below to start taking some past Polls. But please be aware these Polls only start from December 2009. Click Below.
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History of Add-Raider

Add-Raider was originally a website made with free website host; Blinkz. This site was along side another freewebs site I had made with the title of "Tomb Raider, Starring Lara Croft" with a URL of "www.freewebs.com/tombingraider". A while ago to my disgust Blinkz closed down taking Add-Raider with it. Which left me with my other website "Tombingraider" which was created with freewebs (now known as webs). After trying to edit my freewebs site I found that I could no longer publish due to some sort of error. So I started up a new site with webs and copy and pasted some of my original work to the new project and when it came down to naming the site you can guess what came to mind; Add-Raider. When the new and improved Add-Raider was apparent it had a simple and basic look, (seen beow), but after a while of the basic but informative look, the site moved on and was upgraded to become ad-free and was crowned with a more proffesional look which you can now see.

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