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Tomb Raider I

Level 1 "Caves": Lara has just started her search for the peices of the ancient Atlantic scion and is searching for "The City Of Vilcabamba" which will lead her one step closer to The Tomb Of Qualapec where she will achieve her goal.
Level 2 "The City Of Vilcabamba": The City Of Vilcabamba was once an Incan stronghold and now Lara finds her self in this real life location where she must find her path to the lost valley by searching temples and retrieving keys and idols.
Level 3 "The Lost Valley": In this untouched Valley, Dinosaurs hunt Lara as prey. She must use her athletic ability and strength to find cogs of a mechanical mechanism which will lead her to the Tomb where Qualapec guards his peice of the scion.
Level 4 " Tomb Of Qualapec": Lara will challenge deadly traps and various more dinos to retrieve the first peice of the Scion from Qualapecs resting place. After this outcome is achieved Lara will escape the collapsing tomb to find Larson Conway waiting for her return so he can get the scion for himself. But as we all know, no one gets in the way of Lara Croft.
Level 5 "Saint Francis' Folly": St Francis' Folly is a monastery in Greece which marks the origin of Lara's hunt to enter the Tomb of Tihocan. The halls of the folly are riddled with viscious enemies and many surprises. 
Level 6 "Colosseum": On this exciting level, Lara will face lions and all sorts as she continues her global search for this artefact. Lara must explore this historical colosseum and find the entrance to "Palace Midas". And she may also bump into monsier Dupont on the way who is on the same trail as Lara Croft, he is hired by Natla.
Level 7 "Palace Midas": "but when Midas approached and touched them, they stood rigid and gold" (Reference: The story of King Midas). In this appealing level, Lara faces the very hand of Midas, property to the King with the golden touch. This level introduces quite a unique concept, Lara must uncover several stone blocks to lather with gold from the dazling hand. After doing this succesfully she may become one step closer to her goal, Although, Lara will need to make sure she doesn't fall onto the hand herself as she may find herself in a nasty situation. 
Level 8 " The Cistern":
After escaping the lion, ape and crocodile ridden "Palace Midas", Lara is thrust into the complex terrain of the cistern. A water system which will eventually lead her to the Tomb Of Tihocan.
Level 9 "Tomb Of Tihocan": The second piece of the ancient Scion is hidden deep below St Francis's folly beside the resting place of it's previous owner, Tihocan. In this section of the game, Lara explores primordial caverns in order to open the doors to obtain the Scion. Lara stumbles accross centaurs for the first time in a horrfically intense battle. 
Level 10 "City Of Khamoon":
Lara has entered the heat of Egypt in search for the final piece of the Scion, first she must encounter traps, obsticles, mutant mummies and a whole lot of sand before she grips the powerful object.
Level 11 "Obelisk Of Khamoon":
This level directly follows on from the previous, Lara must find the 4 egyptian plaques to insert into the obelisk to resume her hunt for the Scion.
Level 12 " Sanctuary Of The Scion": The next piece of the legendary scion must be recovered by Lara Croft in an egyption temple hoarding with Natla's grusome breeds. Once finally within metres of the artifact she desires, Lara bumps into an unexpected visitor.
Level 13 "Natla's Mines": Natla's mines has an industrial atmosphere unlike earlier more "tomb like" sections in the game. After being ambushed by Natla and her crew, players will face a level without ammunition, not even Lara's default pistols. This adds a level of frustration and hardship to Lara's travels. In pure "Croft" style you must defeat the baddies working for Natla to retrieve your precious arsonal. Natla's mines closes by Lara inserting a plaque into a centurys old keypeice leading her into the realm of Atlantis.
Level 13 "Atlantis": Swarming with Natla's atlantean mutants of the seventh age, "Atlantis" is a level full of traps, ferocious lava and angry centaurs. Atlantis was once ruled by Natla, Tihocan and Qualopec who each owned a peice of the Scion. After abusing the powers of the Scion, Atlantis became home to thousands of unaturally bred beings created by our famous Tomb Raider Villain Jacqueline Natla.  
Level 14 "The Great Pyramid": Lara's goal is complete she has destroyed the scion, now she must escape the Pyramid which will soon be in ruins. With Atlantean mutants lurking at every corner Lara must try her hardest to exit alive. Little does she know that before she leaves she will have to challenge the Queen Of Atlantis once more.

Tomb Raider III

Level 1 "Jungle"
Level 2 "Temple Ruins"
Level 3 "The River Ganges"
Level 4 "Caves of Kaliya"

South Pacific
Level 5 "Coastal Village"
Level 6 "Crash Site"
Level 7 "Madubu Gorge"
Level 8 "Temple of Puna"

Level 9 "Nevada Desert"
Level 10 "High Security Compound"
Level 11 "Area 51"

Level 12 "Thames Wharf"
Level 13 "Aldwych"
Level 14 "Lud's Gate"
Level 15 "City"

Level 16 "Antarctica"
Level 17 "RX-Tech Mines"
Level 18 "Lost City of Tinnos"
Level 19 "Meteorite Cavern"

Tomb Raider II

Level 1 "Great Wall": Lara's second adventure begins with thrills and deadly traps as Lara explores deep within the Great Wall of China to undercover the opening to "The Temple of Xian", resting place of the mythical artefact; the Dagger of Xian. Upon her arrival at the temple gates, she is ambushed in a post-level cut scene by an assassin of Marco Bartoli. He tells Lara that only at the right time the doors can be opened. With this he ends his life after drinking a poisonous substance. 
Level 2 "Venice": Lara explores the iconic Italian city, in search of Marco Bartoli, leader of the Fiamma Nera cult. This exciting level, Lara has the opportunity to speed around the canals of Venice in a classic motor boat. 
Level 3 "Bartoli's Hideout": Bartoli's hideout in Venice is in fact his dead fathers converted mansion. The hallways are riddled with traps and violent members of the cult. Towards the end of the level, Lara uses a TNT to destroy the Venetian mansion.
Level 4 "Opera House": Marco's father Gianni originally worked here in his days active. In current time, Marco uses the abandoned opera house for his own use. Lara continues to search for the villainous antagonist in this tense and thrilling section of the game. The level closes with a cut scene of Lara boarding Marco's sea plane and being brutally knocked unconscious by an on board mechanic 
Level 5 "Offshore Rig": After a nasty blow to the head, Lara awakes in a containment area, surrounded by a collection of crates. After making a hasty escape from her temporary prison Lara quickly regains her trusty pistols and tries to escape from Bartolli's secret offfshore rig. In this section of the game Lara must face an array of deady Fiama Nera 
Level 6 "Diving Area"
Level 7 "40 Fathoms"
Level 8 "Wreck of Maria Doria"
Level 9 "Living Quarters"
Level 10 "The Deck"
Level 11 "Tibetan Foothills"
Level 12 "Barkhang Monastery"
Level 13 "Catacombs of the Talion"
Level 14 "Ice Palace"
Level 15 "Temple of Xian"
Level 16 "Floating Islands" 
Level 17 "The Dragon's Lair"
Level 18 "Home Sweet Home"

Tomb Raider The Last Revelation

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Tomb Raider Chronicles

Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider Underworld
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness

Some levels do not necessarily need to be completed in the following order, at many points in the game (especially in the streets of Paris) Lara can to and throw from locations when the player pleases or revisit areas to perform certain necessary or optional activities. 

Streets of Paris
Level 1 "Parisian Backstreets"
Level 2 "Derelict Apartment Block"
Level 3 "Industrial Roof Tops"
Level 4 "Margot Carvier's Appartment"
Level 5 "Parisian Ghetto"
Level 6 "Café Metro" OR Level 7 "Park" (two separate sub-plots)
Level 9 "Willowtree Herbalist"
Level 10 "St. Aicard's Church"
Level 11 "St. Aicard's Graveyard"
Level 12 "Bouchard's Hideout"
Level 13 "Rennes' Pawnshop"

The Louvre
Level 14 "Louvre Storm Drains
Level 15 "Louvre Galleries"
Level 16 "Archaeological Dig"
Level 17 "Tomb of Ancients" 
Level 18 "Hall of Seasons
Level 19 "Wrath of the Beast"
Level 20 "Sanctuary of Flame"
Level 21 "The Breath of Hades"
Level 22 "Neptune's Hall"
Level 23 "Galleries Under Siege" 

Streets of Paris

Level 24 "Von Croy's Apartment"

Level 25 "The Monstrum Crimescene"
Level 26 "The Strahov Fortress"
Level 27 "Bio-research Facility"
Level 28 "The Sanitarium"
Level 29 "Maximum Containment Area"
Level 30 "Aquatic Research Area"
Level 31 "The Vault of Trophies"
Level 32 "Boaz returns" 
Level 33 "The Lost Domain" 
Level 34 "Eckhardt's Lab" 

Tomb Raider (2013)

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