Lara's Outfits

This page contains all Lara's outfits (on PC) and will allow viewers to explore Lara's wardrobe for all games. Outfits for each game will eventually be added over the weeks to come.

Lara's Classic Outfit

Classic Outfit: Nearly every Tomb Raider game has featured Lara in her iconic adventure attire. Lara's signature outift consists of a brethable turqouise singlet, durable cotton shorts and some lace up leather boots. Lara's explorer's ensemble is finished off with a thick leather belt, fitted with holsters to keep her trusty pistols handy. 

Tomb Raider I

1. Lara's Home Outfit
2. Classic Outfit


Tomb Raider II

 1. Classic Outfit
 2. Lara's Home Outfit
 3. Wetsuit
 4. Snow Jacket
 5. Lara's Nightie



Tomb Raider III

 1. Classic Outfit
 2. Pacific Outfit
 3. Catsuit 
 4. Nevada Outfit
 5. Antartica Outift
 6. Lara's Home Outfit

Tomb Raider IV Last Revelation


1. Young Lara Casual Wear 
2. Classic Outfit


Tomb Raider V Chronicles Outifts


1. Catsuit
 2. Classic Outift
 3. Camo Snowsuit
 4. Young Lara Casualwear


Tomb Raider VI Angel of Darkness


1. Denim casualwear                        3. Wetsuit
2. Camo shorts                                4. Camo trousers

Tomb Raider VII Legend

1. Legend Outfit                                  4. Winter
2. Evening, Ripped                              5. Classic
3. Biker                                               6. Winter, No Coat

The following outfits are the default outfits for the various levels of Tomb Raider Legend. Further outfits can be unlocked by completing levels, beating time trials and finding hidden secrets. To view the full selection of outfits follow the hyperlink below:
Tomb Raider Legend Outifts
The Tomb Raider legends Outfits Image is provided courtesy of Piggyback Interactive© as they are the rightful publishers of the "Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend The Complete Guide". 

Tomb Raider (2013)

 1. Survivor Outfit

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