Tomb Raider Cinematics

This is Where you can look at the Tomb Raider Cinematics, It will be set up in script form featuring all the characters dialouge and various pictures. NOTE- All Cinematics are only cinematics that contain speech, that is why some may be missing.

Tomb Raider Underworld Cinematics

Medditeranian Sea Cinematic 1:
One Week Earlier... Lara looks out to sea from her boat and hears a beeping noise coming from her laptop, she hops down to the lower level to attend to the incoming alert on her laptop. She presses a key on her laptop to activate the video conversation.
Zip: Hey Lara, find it yet?
Lara: Patience Zip, I warned you that conveniently undescovered Islands would be scarce in the Medditeranian
Lara gets ready for the adventure whilst talking to Zip and Alister.

Alister: Are you sure this eddington chap knows what he's talking about
Lara: If he says father was convinced the path to Avalon is here I have no reason to doubt it
Alister: Very well... but its... well we've been talking
Zip Interupts
Zip: You've been talking man, leave me out!
Alister: Its just... Alright maybe Avalon is real, but just because some mad woman tells you your mother did'nt die afterall, I mean look I dont want to seem heartless but this idea of your mum living in some Celtic underworld its a... Its a little bit mantle isnt it?
Lara: I Have no illusions that my mother is holding court in some mythical paradise Alister, I only want the truth whatever it may be, I'll ring you later
Lara ends the video conversation and walks out to the back of the boat

Medditeranian Sea Cinematic 2:
lara Opens the stone door to Nifelhiem, and grabs her video camera to record her find.
Lara: Incredable! The carvings are clearly similar to early Germanic design, but this is far older than the fifth century yet strangly enough more sophisticated. Proto norse runes

Lara flicks her video camera open and aims her view towards some carvings above the doorway to film and record at the same time
Lara: le
ts see
she reads the foreign language
Lara: W
orld of mist, that would be Nifelhiem; the realm of the dead, not Avalon exactly but the Norse Equivalent.
Lara Puts her video camera away ready to resume her adventure into the ruins.

Medditeranian Sea Cinematic 3:
The cutscene begins with Lara walking towards the edge of the platform to view the room she is in, when the ground below her shakes and cracks as a tentacle from a deadly Kraken smashes the ledge where she stands. Luckily Lara jumped back in enough time to have no harm come to her. Panting, Lara makes her way back to the ledge to see what unhappy creature nearly killed her. She flicks open her camera to view a giant octopus!
Lara: ohh that's lovely
She zooms into the creature then to a spiked hanging plate resting above it's head, which implies she will use that to move the creature away from the door Lara wishes to enter. She zooms in at it's eyes
Lara: I ho
pe it's as blind as it looks
She slips her video camera away ready to move on once again.

Medditeranian Sea Cinematic 4:
Lara walks towards a closed gate and looks through the gaps to see what's inside
Lara: Thor, the Norse god of thunder, whatever are you doing down here in Nifelhiem?
Lara notices a metal glove and moves closer to the closed gate to examine it clearer

Lara: according to the edits, Thor needed special iron guantlets to wield his mighty hammer mjolnir, could it be?

Medditeranian Sea Cinematic 5:
Lara goes to grab the glove and as she touches it, it disintergrates leaving a metal guantlet behind Lara picks it up and examines it with puzzling eyes, she puts it onto her hand and the device wraps round her hand and glows blue.
Lara: Thor's Hammer Mjolnir was powerfull enough to level mountains, but how does this all relate to Avalon
Lara turns around to realise she was being watched by a group of underwater loaded mercenaries.
Mercenary: Put your hands on your head! Turn around... slowly
Lara: I dont suppose you'd be open to bribary... would yo-u Ahhhh
The Mercenrie knocked Lara brutally over the head with his weapon.
Lara who was temporeraly knocked out wakes up with blurred eyes and realises that Thor's guantlet is no longer on her hand.

Mercenary: Amanda Evert Sends her regards
Lara sees the mercenary walk away and tries to shoot but her pistol had been tampered with and  is'nt loaded, the mercenary presses down a button activating a Bomb timer to block the entrance of the cave. lara realises and ducks behind a rock for safety as the bomb goes off.

Medditeranian Sea Cinematic 6:
Lara Peers round the corner to overhear a conversation of Amanda and an unknown woman (at this point)
Amanda: Drat! It's too small
Natla: Only Lara Can use it now
Amanda: Untill I kill her!
Natla: Even that wont unbind the artifact
The Ship shakes, unbalancing Amanda 
Amanda: Were taking on water. urghh we'll pick this up again later
Lara steps out from behind her corner and walks towards the specemin jar.
Natla: I'm very pleased to see you again Lara, The specemin Jar offers little in the way of amusment so i've grown fond of
watching Amanda suffer the effects of sharing your interests
Lara: Jacqueline Natla; you just dont know when to die
Natla: A trait we have in common
Lara: It was you who told Amanda about Avalon
The removal mechanism for the specemin jar kicks in
Natla: Our time is short so choose your questions carefully
Lara: What do you know about my Mother?
Natla: The dais you and she found in Nepal is part of a travel network so to speak, it took your mother to Avalon
Lara: My father thought Avalon was below but that's Nifelhiem, whats the Norse Connection?
Natla: Ahhh Richard found the wrong norse underworld, your mother did'nt go to Nifelhiem she went to helhiem
Lara: Where is it?
Natla: I will tell you where it is... One day
Another jolt comes from the specemen Jar mechanism causing Lara to look up, when doing so Natla Presses up agaist the jar frightning Lara
Natla: But when that day comes you'll need Thor's Hammer to get inside, perhaps you'll have better luck finding it than your father did
In a stern voice lara says: What do you mean?
Lara jumps back as the specemin jar unclips and starts to get helicoptered away.
Natla: your answer is on the west coast of Thailand, Seventh paralell.

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