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Stay on this page if you are keen to find out some interesting cheats and bugs and open up a whole new world of gameplay possiblities. As I am a PC gamer, the following cheat codes are only relevant to the PC editions of the Tomb Raider games. If you are in search for the cheat codes for another format I encourage you to visit another website from the Links Collection.
PC Cheats: Tomb Raiders 1-5

Tomb Raider I
Level skip:
Walk one step forward, one step back. Turn Lara around using the direction arrows 3 times (3 whole revolutions) then Jump forward and the level complete statistics box will appear, pressing the action button will result in Lara advancing to the next level.
All weapons: Walk one step forward, one step back. Turn Lara around using the direction arrows 3 times (3 whole revolutions) next perform a backward somersault. The inventory should now include all available weapons.
All weapons and unlimited ammunition: Upon completing the game players will notice that when starting a new game or reloading previously saved games, Lara will have access to all available weapons and have unlimited ammo for each of them. 

Tomb Raider II
Level skip:
Light a flare, with the walk button down, walk forward one step, walk one step back, turn around three times (Three revolutions on the spot), lastly take a standing jump directly forwards. 
All weapons: Light a flare, with the walk button down, step forward one, then backwards one pace. Turn around three times, finally perform a backwards somersault. Note: This cheat does not work on the final level of the game "Home Sweet Home". Acquire Lara's shotgun from the secret weapons cupboard.
Exploding Lara: With the walk button down, walk forward one pace, then backwards one. Turn three times on the spot and then perform a backwards somersault. 

Tomb Raider III
Level skip: take out Lara's pistols (this cheat will not work with any other piece of weaponry) with the walk button down, step backwards one pace, then forwards one step. Crouch, turn around three times on the spot and then jump forward.
All weapons: Draw Lara's handguns (again, this will not work with any other weapon), with the walk button down take one step backwards and one step forward. Without delay perform a backwards somersault. If the cheat has been activated, a reloading sound should be heard.
Exploding Lara: Draw the Desert Eagle or Lara's Uzi's, with the walk button down take a step back and a step forward. Crouch, lastly perform a backwards somersault. Note: Sometimes, Lara will perform this slightly gruesome trick if the player merely does not use any weapon, however sometimes this will just result in the "All weapons" or "Level Skip" cheat from activating (depending on which direction the payer jumps). 

Tomb Raider The Last Revelation
Level Skip: Use the compass to position Lara facing exactly north (to perfectly position Lara in this direction, vault upon a block or hang from an edge etc.). Then escape to the inventory screen. Highlight the Load Game Icon and Press and hold the keys H E L P (capitals not required),  if that does not activate the cheat, press and hold S K I P (capitals not required), the loading screen should appear if the cheat has been entered correctly.
All Items: Use the compass to position Lara facing north (to perfectly position Lara in this direction, vault upon a block or hang from an edge etc.) then escape to the inventory screen. After you have done this highlight the small medipack icon. Press and hold the alphabetic keys G U N S (capitals not required). Lara should now be fitted out with a full selection of weaponry.

Tomb Raider Chronicles
Unlimited small medipacks: First, you may want to save your game in a new slot before trying this in case it doesn't work. Second, make sure Lara's health bar is less than completely full and that you only have 1 small medipak in your inventory. Now escape to inventory and highlight the small medipack item. Press and hold the Look button you should see the health pack status under the small medipak change from 1 small medipack to small medipack.
Unlimited Large medipacks: Follow the same instructions step by step from the info above accept highlight Large medipack and hold the look button and the number key 9.

PC Cheats: Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness

There are no official Cheats for Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness on PC, however future levels can be accessed by downloading save game files.  Players can also acquire bonus material and perform certain debug functions by downloading an SCU (Startup Configuration Utility). This system offers a level select, Demo Recording, All Weapons and ammo and a whole lot more. Follow the link below to download the SCU from the Tomb Raider Chronicles website. 

Download Startup Configuration Unit From TRC

PC Cheats: Legend-Underworld

Tomb Raider Legend (Game must be completed)-
Textureless Mode-
Hold Backspace and press 1 during gameplay
One Shot Kill- Hold Backspace and press 8 during gameplay
Bulletproof Lara- Hold Backspace and press 7 during gameplay
Unlimited Riffle Ammunition- Hold Backspace and press 5 during gameplay
Unlimited Grenades- Hold Backspace and press 5 during gameplay
Wield Excalibur- Backspace and press 9 during gameplay
Wield Soul Reiver Sword- Hold Backspace and press 0 during gameplay

Tomb Raider Anniversary (Game must be completed)-
For the PC edition of Tomb Raider Anniversary there are no unique codes that must be entered but rather a cheats page which can be found in the "Rewards" section of the the main menu. Certain activities must be accomplished before cheats become available;

All weapons: Complete all Greece time trials
Infinite shotgun amunition: Complete all Greece time trials
Golden shotgun:
Complete all Lost Island time trials
Silver mini SMGs: Complete all Lost Island time trials
Infinite 50 caliber pistol ammunition: Complete all Peru time trials
Show enemy health: Complete all Peru time trials
Infinite breath: Complete the game on any difficulty setting
Complete the game on any difficulty setting
Textureless mode:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting
Infinite health: Complete all Egypt time trails
Infinite mini SMG ammunition: Complete all Egypt time trials

Tomb Raider Underworld

Bulletproof Lara:
Hold target lock & press Jump, Fire, Interact, Fire, grapple, sprint
One Shot Kill: Hold Target lock & press interact, jump, interact, grapple, sprint, crouch/Roll (no directional arrows intended/WASD)
Show all Enemies Health: Hold Target lock & press grapple, crouch/Roll (no directional arrows intended/WASD), jump, sprint, fire, interact
More Cheats?: As far as I know there are no other PC cheats for underworld but several glitches to sit back and watch such as the bug in one of the Arctic Sea cutscenes of Lara going to stop Natla whilst Amanda fights off the thralls, if you look in the background of some of the shots Lara exits withour even picking up thors hammer?

Tomb Raider The Action Adventure iDvD game cheats

These will get you to the start of each level! Type in each code by using the DvD player remote.

Level 2: 16121
Level 3: 18619
level 4:  22218
Level 5: 24717
Level 6: 27316
Level 7: 29815
Level 8: 35825
Level 9: 38424
Level 10: 41923
Level 11: 44522
Level 12: 47121
Level 13: 49619
Level 14: 55629
Level 15: 58228
Level 16: 64238
Level 17: 66737
Level 18: 69336
Level 19: 72835
Level 20: 81356

Downloads: Tomb Raider II Savegame Files

These are savegame files for Tomb Raider 2. Click on the level you wish to download, and after your download is complete drag the files to your Tomb Raider 2 Storage folder (Local Disk>Program Files>Core Design>Tomb Raider 2) and then go on the game and there it is! READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Do not rename files or they will not function properly & all savegame files start at the beggining of level, some may have limited weapons and ammo and others may have all of them. If there is a problem or you need help email me at [email protected]. There are no viruses in these files, but if by some chance they have been infiltrated I apolagise. Enjoy!

Level 1: (savegame.0) The Great Wall
Level 2: (savegame.1) Venice
Level 3: (savegame.2) Bartolli's Hideout
Level 4: (savegame.3) The Opera House
Level 5: (savegame.4) Offshore Rig
Level 6: (savegame.5) Diving Area
Level 7: (savegame.6) 40 Fathams
Level 8: Wreck Of The Maria Doria (unavailable)
Level 9:
(savegame.7) living Quarters
Level 10: (savegame.8)The Deck
Level 11: (savegame.9) Tibetan Foothills
Level 12: (savegame.10) Barchang Monastry
Level 13: (savegame.11) Catacombs of the Talion
Level 14: (savegame.12) Ice Palace
Level 15: (savegame.13) Temple Of Xian
Level 16: (savegame.14) Floating Islands
Level 17: (savegame.15) Dragons Lair
Level 18: Home Sweet Home (unavaialbe)

Tomb Raider Battle Cards

Ever wanted to play Tomb Raider in the form of a card game? Now you can! These Tomb Raider Battle cards are great fun and now available to download, the characters are taken from Tomb Raiders 1-5. The playing cards have been designed by me and the information on each card is from my opinion. The word documents are not read only so you may edit the information if you please. For the best prining results, print on the best quality setting and once printed If you have a laminator then laminate them for durability, you may also try printing them on photo paper but this made the pictures come out dark for me.
Download Instuctions:
1. Click the link below and a window will appear promting you to save or open.
2. Click the open or save button. If you choose to save then choose a destination for the file.
3. You will then have to extract the files or unzip them, depending on the program you use.
4. Then your ready to view and print your downloaded cards.

Download Tomb Raider Battle Cards

NOTE: The cards have been created on Microsoft Office Word 2003, If you do not have this program or have trouble downloading from the above link then please download them as picture files below.

Download bmp. Tomb Raider Battle Cards

These cards have been created by add-raider, if you wish to use them on your site please
contact me.

Fun Glitches and Interesting Bugs

Tomb Raider
Egyptian magic...
In this quite simple glitch, Lara falls directly on top of a sarcophagus, only to remount herself on the towering ledge with no harm done. If you want to try it out yourself please download the save game file below:
Obelisk of Khamoon

Tomb Raider II
Hello up there!
f you position yourself with the gate for the house on your right and the maze infront of you run forward and turn left where there is a path between the maze and the house, if you go to the corner of the house and stand just infront of the corner standing diagonally press jump and look at the same time, repeat this untill Lara is on the roof of her house. You can also do this on the assault course on the block with the flying fox, by doing this you can access many fun places like behind the gates. The three steps are shown on the right if you are not really understanding the text above.


This can also be achieved on other corners, It will not always work but sometimes it will, another example of this is in Venice where you can get to the rooftops (picture below). This can be done on the corner opposite the first hut you come to (on the right side next to the water if facing away from entrance).

Tomb Raider II
Useful tip for dedicated speedrunners!
For this glitch you will need to be at the 4th level of Tomb Raider II which is opera house (If your using PC and cant level skip please see how to above under Tomb Raider II cheats or download a save game file from above). First you have to get inside the Opera House building, you can either work your way through some of the level to get there or you can get a save game file half way through the level which Add-Raider does not provide but feel free to browse some other sites, to do this head to the links collection page. Once you are in the main Opera House room (situated with a stage with pool to it's front and various levels surrounding) make your way to the third level up at the left of the stage (If facing it). Okay now it's time to perform a clever little glitch! If you use the look button to see what is infront of and below you (screen 1) you should see a ledge, this is where were heading. position yourself against a golden post (be sure to make a SAVEGAME before doing this as it may take several attempts) and do a running jump to the ledge which we were looking at before, whilst your in the air use the directional arrows to direct lara to the left which will motion her jump in the way you directed her, which will hopefully result in her landing on the ledge (screen 3). Once you are here drop into a room (screen 4) and clear the gap to grab and pull up onto another ledge. Once from here pull a lever which will open a door on the other side of yet another gap with a unactivated sand bag paused in postition infront of it. You will then enter a room of crates with the symbol of the talion on them (screen 5), drop down below and kill various foes (one of them being particularly hard to kill with dual shotguns and a "pick up" grenade gun once defeated. climb the crates and dodge swinging crates to jump to a pile of crates (to the right of the entrance, if facing it) and pull a lever which will slide a door open, make your way to this door and kill a gunman (this is optional) and then hop on your plane out of here (screen 6) and sit back and enjoy a cinematic at the end of the Opera House level.


Tomb Raider III
Jungle Speedrun

Tomb Raider Underworld

Aren't you forgetting something Lara?
Towards the concluding scenes of Tomb Raider Underworld, Amanda saves Lara from her deadly doppelgänger. Following this rescue Amanda decides to stay and hold back the highly prevalent Yeti-thralls. Lara moves into the next area of the level to confront Natla and halt her devious plans, however in the cinematic it can be observed that Lara merely leaves Thor's hammer behind. When the player regains control of Lara, the Hammer is available for Lara to use! 

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