Lara's faithfull butler plays a role in most Tomb Raider installments and provides a service for her at her beautiful mansion outside of London in Surrey. In the jump between Tomb Raider Chronicles and Legend his appearence changes dramatically as seen above. Winston can be seen in the following games:
- Tomb Raider II
- Tomb Raider III
- Tomb Raider Chronicles
- Tomb Raider Legend
- Tomb Raider Anniversary
- Tomb Raider Underworld

Tomb Raider I/Anniversary Characters

1. Jacqueline Natla: Jaquleline Natla was once the Queen of Atlantis along side the other rulers known as Tihocan and Qualepec. The three rulers protected an almighty artefact known as the Scion. Natla's love for the artefact raged inside and she tried to take it for herself and resulted in her imprisonment. Hundreds of years later Natla escaped and tried to claim back the parts of the scion spread accross the globe so she could fulfill her desires, her aim is to speed up evolution in humanity by unleashing her Atlantean creatures into the world.
Other Appearances:
3. Shotgun Sam/Kold Kin Kade: A bulky Hitman hired by Atlantean queen Jaqueline Natla and another foe who Lara faces in the 'Natla's Mines" section of Tomb Raider carrying a shotgun in the original game and a sharp machete in the Anniversary remake.
4. Pierre Dupont: Another hired-hand of Natla, Pierre rips through the Greek tomb of Tihoncan to find the piece of the Scion before Lara does leaving litter and destruction in his wake. His arsenal varies little to that of Lara Croft's consisting of a pair of rock blowing magnums. Other Appearences: Chronicles
5. Larson: Working for Natla, Larson also is hunting down the Scion in tomb's carrying a revolver and his hunt can be bought to a bloody end towards the final steps of "Sanctuary of the Scion". Other Appearences: Chronicles
6. Jerome Johnson/The Kid:
Yet again, this character is another mercinary of Natla who pilfers Lara's trusty Uzi's (SMG's) and attempts to shoot her down whilst using his skillfull skateboard tricks.
7. "The Cowboy": This trigger happy cowboy is another foe Lara must face in Natla's mines to reaccount herself with her magnums. The character is scraped in TR Anniversary and is replaced with Larson.
8. Qualopec and Tihocan: It takes three to rule Atlantis, these two are the other rulers of Atlantis and are the beings behind Natla's banishment.

Tomb Raider II Charaters

1. Marco Botolli:
Marco is the leading antagonist in Tomb Raider II. His role is a cult leader seeking the Seraph, being a key which eventually will lead him to the dagger of Xian which allows the posseser to wield an energy far greater than any earthly power. 
2. Fabio:
Another Italian cult member and can be seen accompanying Bartolli on the flight to the "Offshore Rig".
3. Brother Chen Barkheng: A monk belonging to a monastry in Tibet containing the secrets of the Dagger of Xian. Deep beneath this monastry lies the Talion a sacred keystone needed to enter the Temple of Xian. When Brother Chen reveals this important information to Lara he is shot in the chest by Bartolli himself. Many other monks of his kind can be found roaming the Tibetan Monastry but are friendly and will not ambush Lara unless shot at.
4. Chinese Assasin: The oriental assasin confronts Lara in the final cutscene of the first level of TRII "Great Wall", he aims to protect the entrance to the temple of Xian and is threatened to tell Lara of the dagger within and how the door will be opened at the "right time".   

Tomb Raider III Characters

1. Bob:
2. Doctor Willard:
The metorite stones facinate Doctor Willard and captures his interest imensly which makes his unhealthy obsession lead himself into mutating his fellow colleagues and eventually himself. His company is called RX Tech (which is a research and mining company) and his main goal is to use the metorite artifacts (consisting of the infada stone, Element 115, Ora Dagger, Eye of Isis and Hand Of Rathmore (Lost Artifact expansion level)) to rapidly increase the speed of evolution which makes ugly effects take place. 
3. Sophia-Lee: A woman dedicated to her appearence, It is said Sophia-Lee has lived for many unatural years by keeping her beauty restored by creating products with some good and some nasty effects. Her goal is immortality and she will do anything to achieve this, as seen when she comes to posses one of the metorite artifact.
Other appearances: Tomb Raider III Gold: The Lost Artifact  
4. Puna: A South Pacific islander or god who poseses another of the metorite stones will use it against anyone who threatens to take it from his possession.  
5. Tony:
Driven crazy with jungle fever, Tony is a researcher hired by Doctor Willlard to recover the Infada stone but claims it for himself and stabs the stone into his chest to recieve an unimaginable power with Lara Croft must face.
6. Shiva Statues: These scary stone statues can be found on the Temple Ruins level. Although their appearence may seem harmless, their stone disguise will form into a deadly sword weilding, several armed monster.

Tomb Raider Chronicles Characters
Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation Characters

1.Werner Von-Croy:
World Known archaeologist and explorer, Von Croy was also the mentor of a youthfull Lara who shares a passion with Lara for sacred artifacts. This passion also becomes greed when Von-Croy is sealed in the cavern of the iris. In the last Revelation, Von-Croy claims the amulet of Horus but is possesed by Set and becomes far more evil than Lara ever imagined. Other Appearences: Angel of Darkness
2.Ahmed: Ahmed is Lara's guide in the Tomb of Set but is revealed to be siding with Von-Croy and tries to steal the amulet from Lara. His regular appearence in the Last Revelation is ceased when Lara knocks him out leaving him to be teared apart by a monster guarding Semerkhets's tomb.
3. Jean-Yves: A good friend of Lara and a great help to her, Jean-Yves is an intelligent man who reveals knowledge to her of Ancient Egyptian locations etc.
4. God Set: God of destruction and chaos who is released Inadvertantly by Lara, and is reincarnated as Werner.  

Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness Characters

1. Kristina Boaz: Kristina is a woman working for ekchardt as the head of corrective and remedial surgery at Strahov in Prague.
2. Joachim Karel: Despite thinking Echardt is the main antagonist of AOD, we later find out Joachim is behind it all and holds a dark secret, only to be revealed towards the end of the chapter. Karel holds great involvement in the Cabal.
3. Kirtis Trent: For the first time, a character other than Lara is playable, this being Kirtis Trent. Kirtis crosses paths with Lara on a journey to avenge his father's death (the master of the Lux Veritatis). Kirtis Trent is the last of this sacred order and wields deadly shards plus a bronze circular disc combined with sharp blades. Also for the fist time, Lara's softer side is revealed when we see an obvious chemistry between her and Kirtis throughout the game. Sadly this hopefull relationship is cut short when a tradjic accident separates the two.
4. Pieter Van Echardt: A black alchemist and leader of the secret organisation; the Cabal. In a search for greater power he summons Werner Von Croy to retrieve 5 Obscura paintings. When Werner fails to do this, he is brutally murdered.  
5. Thomas Luddick : Thomas Luddick is a journalist who helps Lara get into the Strahov complex by providing security codes. When found out by the leaders of the organisation he is also murdered.           
6. Louis Bouchard: Owner of "Le Serpent Rouge," a parisian nightclub, Bouchard is thought to be linked to the deadly Monstrum. Being a underworld "gangster", he typically hides out in the sewers of Paris.                      

Tomb Raider Legend-Underworld Characters
1. Amanda Evert: Previously one of Lara's best friends at University, Amanda was a promising cultural antropologist. Although her passion form metaphysicas and mysticism blurred her chances of being an effective scientist. Quite alike to Lara Croft, Amanda dreamed of discovering mystical truth from the past, which effectivly led to a terrible tragedy in Peru. In Tomb Raider Legend, old friends or should be say new enemies are reunited when Lara and Amanda confront each other once again. This time with the mystical powers of a "Wraith Stone"  beholding an unknown entity, Amanda isn't quite as friendy as she once was.
2. James Rutland: Raised in a background of weatlh and prosperity, Lara Croft bumps into james Rutland for the first time in Bolivia, as he is also in persuit of Excalibur. Assisting Amanda, James opposes Lara, partly in seek of money and personal desire. As a result James' life is cut short in the final confrontation of Tomb Raider Legend. It is also apparent from the seventh installment that James and Amanda may have shared a relationship.
2. Doppelgänger: The Dopplegänger is an Atlantean born creature, created by Natla to dispose of Lara by copying Lara's exact move, this idea is stretched in Tomb Raider Underworld when the creature (or similar creature) has more of a mind of its own.
Tomb Raider Characters

1.Samantha Nishimura: Trusted friend of Lara Croft,
2. Conrad Roth: Captain of the Endurance, mentor to Lara Croft. 
3. Alex Weis: Technician on the Endurance,
4. Dr Whitman: A scientist on board the endurance, Whitman also casts several documentaries.
5. Angus Grimaldi: First aid manager and helmsman on board the Endurance. 
6. Jonah Maiava: Cook on board the Endurance.
7. Joslin Reyes: Mechanic on board the Endurance. Documents found in the game suggest that Reyes and Conrad Roth have a daughter; Alisha.
8. Mathias: Madman who is highly respected by the scavengers of the island, he aims to resurrect the sun queen; Himako.
9. Vlad: A Russian scavenger who assaults Lara and becomes Lara Croft's first kill. 

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